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Meet the Wife.

Bogie, Patricia Calvert and Ralph Glover in 'Meet the Wife.'
Bogie as Gregory Brown, Patricia Calvert as Alice and Ralph Glover.
Meet the Wife was a 1923 Broadway comedy starring Mary Boland as Gertrude Lennox, an inadvertent bigamist, and Clifton Webb as Victor Staunton, a sporting youngblood.

Bogie played nicely mannered, fresh faced reporter Gregory Brown, and Patricia Calvert played the role of Alice.

Reviewer Peggy Hill wrote of his performance in the play, "Humphrey Bogart is more manly and a lot handsomer than Rudolph Valentino. If I had to be carried away to a Sheik's tent in the desert, I'd much rather be in Bogart's arms than prissy Valentino's"

Meet the Wife opened at the Klaw Theatre on November 26, 1923 and ran for 232 performances, closing in June 1924. The play was written by Lynn Starling.